8 steps to succeed In Digital Social Media

I have more than 8 years experience in the communication and management of content for the potentiation of brands, products and services in Latin America. In that time, I tackled many challenges, but never have I been faced with a challenge like the one University of Winnipeg (UW) gave me this week. Knowing, segmenting, understanding and effectively managing the audience of a product or service is something I have achieved. When I began the PRMM course at UW, however, I was surprised to learn that I was expected to become the product.

Here is an illustration that reflects my view of an individual before and after exposure to social networks selma1 Do we all want to be seen and recognized? My work experience has always been behind the scenes—directing, promoting, coaching, and activating people, products and services, where the focus is not myself but my client. I help others to shine, and their success defines me. That is what a PR represents to me. At least that is what I thought until now. Social-Media-Marketing11 We are definitely stuck in social networks, but how do we choose the right one? Do we need to be in all of them? I personally believe that one or two social platforms, well defined and wisely managed, are enough to succeed.

We all think we know something about digital social media. Hundreds of books, blogs, web pages, tweets, and videos talk about social networks every day, including this blog.

How can we gain access to this digital society and be successful in promoting a person, brand, product or service? Follow my 8-step recipe and you will achieve 90% success.

Step 1- Decide. You are the only one who can decide what you want and need. Sit down and ask yourself what you want to convey to your intended audience.

Do not be carried away by what others do. Authenticity is key. There are some exceptions. Some of you may remember the famous song Gangnam Style, by Korean artist PSY, which was released on YouTube in 2012, winning more views than any other video at that time. Many people used the idea and turned it into something unique, as did my company in Mexico. We created a parody to reach out to audiences that we could not previously access.

The key is to be opportunistic—doing something at the right time and then adapting it to the right audience.

Step 2- Focus your interests and contacts. Your followers have to be as specific as your product or service requires.

Step 3- Surround yourself with the right people. Study them, know them and understand them. Follow those who can help you to increase your audience.

Step 4- Segment you audience. In class we had a guest, @FearlessPRGirl. Lynne commented on how platforms such as Facebook help to segment your audience. But In reality, when we are working directly with a client, we must understand that the correct segmentation is not an audience among certain age or range of income. “The combination of all measurable indicators which will give you a picture of your audience (age + gender + language + patterns + purchase level of product knowledge + product expectations).” 

2014, May 29. Cómo conseguir lectores para tu blog. 5 claves y 11 pasos “… sino la combinación de todos los indicadores medibles lo que te dará un retrato de tu audiencia.” Elena Terenteva . Cómo conseguir lectores para tu blog. 5 claves y 11 pasos. Retrive from http://www.socialancer.com/marketing-contenidos-conseguir-lectores/ (Follow her on Twitter)

Step 5- Focus on your audience’s needs.

*Read comments *Ask questions *Ask them to share stories *Spy competition selma2 Yes, spy! Just please do not forget you can spy on companies who share the same audience, but NOT those who share the same niche market. After you know what your audience wants, you can create the need for a product or service.

Step 6- Think ahead. What sort of reaction do you hope to receive from your audience? Based on this, send your message.

Step 7 – Keep up-to-date. Read trending topics constantly. Look around you and be open to create and adjust ideas. The Ice Bucket Challenge, for example, was one topic of conversation in class. With over 1 billion views on Ice Bucket Challenge videos combined, it is interesting that the one that got the most views was of a cartoon character.

Step 8- Thank your audience. Cultivating and maintaining loyalty with your audience is key. One Canadian company did a great job of this a few months ago when they produced a video that generated many reactions, and became one of the 10 most viral videos in August 2014.

To sum up social networks, it is all about originality, conveying the right message, and interacting with the audience. If you follow those 8 Steps, you will be 90% successful in digital social media. selma3 I invite you to read my blog weekly and at the end of this @uofwinnipeg program you will have the remaining 10% to be truly successful in the digital world.

With respect to UW´s challenge, I am 100% open to all the new things my instructors and classmates will teach me this year. Should I begin writing on a blank sheet or simply add pages to my current book of life? Winnipeg is at least a new chapter in my life—a chapter that will be written by experiences with my future friends.

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Thank you very much to: My dear; Selma Tuközoğlu who from Turkey drew those lovely cartoons, and Aaron Leslie who helped me a lot with my English language. I love you guys. Mia.


7 thoughts on “8 steps to succeed In Digital Social Media

  1. This was a wonderful blog post Mia! You summed up the class in social media but also captured aspects of other classes! Your way of thinking and pulling everything together was incredible – proud to be able to learn from you this year!!

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