A bus stop heated by a tweet

It is not a secret that winter can be just horrible in some parts of the world. Believe me, I live in Winnipeg @cityofwinnipeg. With so many winter months here, I already forget what spring smells like.

In Great Britain, a company called British Gas Heating has adapted a bus stop (Manchester Piccadilly) to be heated by sending a tweet. Is that not brilliant?

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The #TweettoHeat shelter was launched few days ago, offering passengers a place to keep warm while they wait for buses, trams and trains.

This warm idea is part of a campaign to promote a home kit that allows users to control their heating remotely.


This promotion strategy utilising bus stop tweet interaction is not a new idea. Remember the Tweet to Eat campaign. The bus stop perhaps takes it to the next level. We cannot deny the beneficial powers of just one tweet.

This could be an interesting notion of real publicity for @manitobahydro to consider in our city, don’t you think? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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