Rethinking the way we do Networking.

We all admire that person who appears to be in the right place at the perfect time. That person who seems to be touched by the Gods and somehow makes things happen. That person who participates in the appropriate events, talks with confidence about the most important and current topics, and gives the impression that could be the perfect fairy Godmother that would help you to find that dream job, the ideal clients that will help you reach the next level, or simply who could invite you to be part of the VIP list for the hot places in the city.

This reminds me of the time when I was in high school wishing to be part of the popular group. But today, it seems much more perturbed. Even though the internet gives us the possibilities to interact in just one click with the special human beings, all those opportunities makes it endless, and in someway shocking.


How do we make that first move without seeming desperate or being labeled as a nerd? How do we show our skills in a unique way in a world where we are competing with thousands of people who can be seen with better qualities or are simply more experienced than us?

Maybe we are a genius in our field and nobody knows. In this complex world, preparation, skills and abilities are just as important as knowing how to relate with the right people. Contacts is the key word for success. Not just any contact, but the right person that will answer the phone when you call, or that person who will not hesitate to introduce you to someone you need to know.

Discovering that special someone is not a matter of luck, or even just being pretty or handsome (which certainly sometime helps). Achieving this reciprocal connection has everything to do with making the right move, and ultimately learning the art of networking – something that is becoming increasingly necessary in an environment of fierce competition in this digital age.


Since I moved to Winnipeg, I started a new Twitter and LinkedIn account. These networks opened up a world of possibilities to meet and interact with incredible people, who may have been nearly impossible to connect with in my offline life.

The experience has been more than satisfactory. I am amazed to see the magic of social networking. It has never been easier to say hello and invite a stranger for a coffee, although there is a risk of being misinterpreted and giving a wrong impression. I still remember a conversation with my first follower in Canada. A man, about 37-years-old, who seemed very professional in his writing, thought that knowing the city would give him an advantage in engaging in something more personal with me – a proposal I immediately turned down. I did not give up. An act of love from @MOSKALelectric made me turn my attention to this special way of connecting.

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Jodi is everywhere. She is beautiful and smart, and she always has an appropriate comment for any given situation. Yesterday, I sent her a message and she immediately gave me her cell phone number. We had a few minutes of conversation that confirmed that we all are much more alike that what we think.

mmbof_blog copia

It was really satisfying to feel how that online relationship moved in a real world. I felt like she was one of those “friends” who are not close, but when you need them, they respond with such admirable availability.

Making contacts online is a reality, and although it seems that some people practice it in a structured and algorithmic manner, I believe if it is not transferred to off-line life in an honest and natural way, it is will be nothing but a fantasy.

We must remember that networking is 100 percent quality over quantity. Materializing these connections that we have on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook should be based on a genuine relationships of trust. This requires time, and if managed wisely, it can allow us to make a difference in the life of this new online friend, as well as in our own life.


In conclusion, I believe networking should be rethought, it is more than simply contacting someone with the expectation of benefiting from them in the future. It is much more than that. It is a new way of making friends, sharing ideas with people who have similar interests, creating big things together, making a difference. I use social media to interact with people I admire, people I want to build a relationship with that could transform into a friendship in which we could use our means to grow personally in this overwhelming social life and what about you? why do you connect with new people online? Please share your comment in the section below.

Thank you for reading, and if you haven’t connected with me on social media yet, check me out on Twitter and Google+.


“The currency of real networking is not greed but generosity”. – Keith Ferrazzi


6 thoughts on “Rethinking the way we do Networking.

  1. I fully agree that there is a risk of being misinterpreted and giving a wrong impression, I had a bad experience on LinkedIn with someone got my request for networking as an invitation for a date. The professional introduction in the very beginning is very important.

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