Left or Right: The Future of Tinder

We are all looking for something. The love of our life, the perfect job, the right customer, the best supplier, or perhaps the right social network to get our message across.


Tinder proclaims one million new users every week , a number which indicates there are more people looking for the same thing than ever imaginable.

With more 22 million matches a day across 140 countries. Tinder has become one of the most successful applications in recent years.


After reading that Tinder had the best day ever for engagement on Valentines Day, I decided to experience for myself what it is all about. I have had a big surprise.

The popular location-based dating app is not just flirting and sex. In the few days I spent studying this application, I can dare to predict that within a few years Tinder will be much more than a regular dating application. I believe it will become a great resource to interact directly with that specific audience that tend to be around 25 to 35 year old.

Most comments about Tinder around the world are somewhat variable.

“Tinder is less superficial than our everyday lives, our everyday interactions with people,” @seanrad, founder and CEO of Tinder.

A woman´s perspective by @CarolineKent

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What women really think…of Tinder
by @angrychatel and @MichelleTogliaCaptura de pantalla 2015-03-06 a la(s) 12.00.03

Captura de pantalla 2015-03-06 a la(s) 15.23.41

In general people say it is just another app to find casual sex, which might be true today, but I do not discount the notion of people using this app for m-commerce and networking in the near future. The amount of professional men and women using the app to look for interaction other than just sex is incredible.

It appears as though the app does not accept much advertisement at the moment. Just a few weeks ago, GAP launched their campaign “You’re invited to the pants party” on Tinder. Shortly thereafter, Tinder unveiled their disapproval with the campaign, stating that GAP violated the terms and conditions of the app. This information has become known through Twitter, and the brand immediately responded before the situation became a crisis.

Captura de pantalla 2015-03-06 a la(s) 12.24.02

So far, Tinder has been used mostly for campaigns on sex trafficking and other alignment problems, as well as some beer companies’ campaigns. There is no doubt the app is open to brands that want to target this specific audience panorama.

Captura de pantalla 2015-03-06 a la(s) 12.39.50

At the end I agree with the following quote from Tinder, not just a hook up app. by @EleanorWalsh_ie 

Captura de pantalla 2015-03-06 a la(s) 12.12.36

Tinder may be considered  just another dating app for the time being. I personally give a right swipe to Tinder for its future potential to be used as a marketing tool for targeting in a special way its growing a potential audience. The idea of bringing together men and women looking for some kind of interaction seems to be a piece of cake for marketing and promotion.

Is Tinder another dating app that has its days numbered or Is it an ideal tool for promotion not yet very well exploited but with a great future ahead? Please leave your comments in the section below and if you haven’t connected with me on social media yet, check me out on Twitter and Google+.


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