Politics? No, Thank you

A common misconception about public relations practice is that all you need to be is a “people person”, meaning, someone who loves talking and going to social events. There is nothing more false than that misconception.


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Public Relations (PR) involves controlling and managing information about something—usually a company or a person. There are different areas of PR, some more exciting than others. The most common type of PR jobs fall under the oversized umbrella of a marketing department at a company. I believe the entire focus of the PR specialist’s work is to build relationships with the people who buy the products, use the services, or have other affiliations with the company they represent. That is the PR job I love to do, building relations!


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There are many things unclear about my future but I have something extremely clear. Politics is NOT something I want to work with.


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I know you are thinking, she is one of those who say politics comes from hell. Not really, I just think working as a PR professional transparency is essential and lets be honest, there is so much mud and dirty water in the politics sea, and I am not a good swimmer.

The aim of public relations by a company often is to persuade the public, investors, partners, employees, and other stakeholders to maintain a certain point of view concerning the company’s leadership, products, or political decisions. And on the other hand the aim of PR in politics is to present functionaries, topics and programs in comparison to other subsystems in society. Essentially this involves attracting attention and interest, as well as, raising the level of awareness and the image profile of one’s own positions, interests and key players. PR in politics is employed to convey information and shape political opinion.

It doesn’t sounds like a horrible job.


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And it is not, I just think you have to strongly believe in the political party you are working. You have to be able to support the party with your eyes closed believing in what they stand for. I don’t think there has been, is, or will be a political party and personality that fully shares my personal values.

I think in every communication area, (PR or marketing) we need to embrace it and work to educate practitioners and the public about the positive role PR people can play by truly working from a public information model in which the goal is to enable informed decision making and not-win-at-all-costs manipulation of public opinion.

What about you? What kind of job you never will do?

“It’s becoming increasingly important to love your job or industry. As the lines between working life and personal life blur, a job is as much about personal fulfillment and growth, as it is about a paycheck. People don’t want to make widgets, they want to change lives, including their own.” – Philip Ryan,

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