WHAT DID YOU DO? Crisis time!

How many times have we been in the situation were we see people just messing everything up?  They just have the ability to do that. They say something inappropriate or stupid and you think “Gosh, you should think before speak!”


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Surprisingly it happens all the time and everywhere, not just in our house, work place or school. Brands publish inappropriate comments on social media all the time. CEO’s speak without filters about one topic or Executive directors losing the control in an event.


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We know when it is crisis time it is hard to foresee what the right thing is to say.


Today I will review a PR case disaster that will remind us what NOT to do in a crisis situation.

Little white people that STOP you from doing the wrong

The case: Apple iPhone 4 Prototype

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1- In March 18, 2010 Apple lost the IPhone 4 prototype in a German beer garden in Redwood City, California.


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For a company whose corporate culture was defined in large part by secrecy this was a stunning turn of events. 

2- The person who ended up with the IPhone sold it to Gizodo for $5000.00

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Class handouts by @hopskipbounce

3- On April 26, after Gizmodo returned the IPhone to Apple, upon Apple’s request, the police group California Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team executed a search warrant on editor Jason Chen’s home and seized computers, hard drives, servers, cameras, notes, and a file of business cards, under direction from San Mateo County´s Chief Deputy District Attorney Stephen Wagstaffe.

The Result

1- The theath ultimately had to do 40 hours of community service, pay a $125.00 fine, and get one year of informal probation. His crime was a misdemeanor for misappropriation of lost property.

2- Apple got its first big BAD story with millions of negatives comments on social media.


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We know the first few days after a disaster can be a make-or-break time for a company’s reputation. What senior executives say and do can worsen the company’s reputation caused by the crisis.

Few people instinctively know the right thing to say when the public wants to assign blame in a crisis situation, If you are not one of them I will recommend you THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!


I remember my mother when I was a teenager and I did something wrong. When she asked me for an explanation she alway said, “Never speak when you are angry, confused or upset. Go take a nap and come back with a clear and convincing speech. You will have just one chance to change my mind and forgive you.


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Smart right? I can say it is the most important advice I have received in my life, and I am giving it to you today to apply in every possible situation . In a crisis, take your time and think, plan your next step, PLEASE communicate with the stakeholders and with confidence, put yourself out there, and then with honesty face the situation. If you follow this advice, nothing can go wrong!. It is my mom´s advice and you know mom´s  always are right! 

Takeaways :


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1)  Have a crisis plan ready, even if you expect you have everything under control.

2) Think before you speak. “Better yet think twice before you speak because your words will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another”.  Napoleon Hill

3) If you do make a mistake, apologize and respond quickly but smart to criticism.

4) If your communication team don’t know what to do, you always can call your mother.

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