Keeping your company solid in Crisis “for Dummies”

Corporations and businesses can run into some murky waters when they are found in some sort of crisis. It is something that many businesses have to deal with at some point or another, and it is truly best to be prepared before anything of the sort happens. There are a few major things that companies have to realize when they are in a crisis that will help their public relations for the future. Not knowing whether you will be in business the next month can be frightening, but following your morals and taking public opinion into account is a delicate balance many need to overcome.



Public Relations can be a very difficult game to play, but for companies in a crisis, it is crucial to have a great PR team. During any type of crisis, it is important that a company has the ability to defend its views while at the same time respecting the concerns of the general public. This is two fold; first, they need to show that they are a strong front in the face of such a tragic event, and second, they also need to make sure the public knows that they care for them and that they also are thinking of them.


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When there is a crisis going on, a company needs to fulfill some of the wishes of the public because there will be concerns from them over things like if the company will still be running, if there is money that needs to be paid out, and how they are going to work to keep something like this from happening again. But at the same time, they need to still conduct themselves in a professional sense and they need to address their own views and concerns first.


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For the relationship with the stakeholders, it is important that they are able to stay strong in front of them. By giving the public their solutions for the event, but also staying true to who they are as a company will be one of the best ways to show the stakeholders that they are looking out for everyone, while also covering all of their bases. It will only help to make the relationship stronger.



All of this is important when you look at companies that have fallen under pressure of either the public or the stakeholders. Keeping a strong line of action in the PR department will help keep the company running for years afterward.



I know I know, this post seems very basic and easy, and it is, In a PR crisis situation all you have to know is “show that you care about your audience and you care about your brand”.

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2 thoughts on “Keeping your company solid in Crisis “for Dummies”

  1. I think that your post is very straight-forward and to the point; the best thing to do in a PR crisis situation is to “show you care about your audience”. It all comes back to knowing your audience and building up the relationships with all of your stakeholders, whether it be customers, employees, or shareholders. How is it that a company can truly show that they care about their brand? I think by clearly defining their values and sticking to those values, even when it is difficult. In fact, it’s even more important to stick to your core values in the face of adversity or a crisis. What do you propose as the best way for a company to define their values? What would be the best way for a company to showcase their soul, which is what their brand is?

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  2. I like how easy and simple your blog is !
    It is 100% true that Public relation role is about staying true and caring to all shareholders and public, it is the pretty face for an ugly truth, a way to interpret reality in a nicer explanation. I also agree that a company showing care about the audience is having a great chance to survive for years, people feel sincere wills, and turn to be alliances to thos kind of companies. At a point, wen audience feels the company cares they fight hard to help it t overcome crisis, because they believe in it. But on the other hand, one person could be more destructive than and an army troop to a big business if it failed to get his loyal part switched on at all times.

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