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Today I bring attention to a PR campaign that has impressed me over the years, not only because of the message it portrays, but also by how well thought out and developed it is. The campaign has received more than 10 international awards, including 2 gold awards at the Cannes Lions Film Festival of Creativity 2014. It also doubled the production of units and sales of the latest edition of the promoted product, and earned about 40 million media worldwide.

How did they do it? Let’s look at what I believe to be one campaign that has it all: information, persuasion, and memory.


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In September of 2013, after 63 years of production, Volkswagen announced the discontinuation of one of their star products. The body of the “VW Kombi”, a mystical German mark van that was produced in Brazil, did not meet the new security requirements for airbags and ABS established by the Brazilian government.


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The timing was perfect. A personified flagship product would say goodbye to her followers, and the brand wanted to do it in style. Volkswagen announced they would produce 6000 units of a special edition that would terminate the career of this vehicle.

The Message
Before leaving, the Volkswagen Kombi had one last wish: to thank those who had developed a relationship with her and gave her so much affection over the years, making her one of the most endearing vans of all time. In a mature and tender voice, Kombi recalled her stories from her lifetime and reported to have written a “will” to those who gave her the most love.


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The emotion with which the message was transmitted touched the hearts of even the most hardhearted of people. This was a clever strategy to achieve a unique connection with the followers of the brand.

The Strategy
The concept was to create the first campaign that ‘unlaunched’ a car that was a true legend in the automotive industry; and to engage the people. This was achieved by storytelling, and interacting live with the people through digital channels.


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Volkswagen invited people to visit their website so they could check out the ‘Kombi Last Edition’ model, and send purchase intentions. People were also invited to share stories of their experiences with the Kombi.

The Kombi-Last-Wishes strategy was immediately successful. Large numbers of stories were submitted, and used to create the ‘Kombi’s Will’ advertisement. The strategy involved interacting with those who already knew the vehicle, as well as those who intended to acquire the latest edition model. Online sources, including a website and social media, as well as traditional media channels, were perfect for carrying the message of the brand.


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During the campaign created by BBDO Brazil, “Kombi Last Wishes” compiled a series of stories with those who had developed a relationship with her over the years. This was an essential element for connecting with the public.


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In conclusion, Kombi-Last-Wishes was a campaign that gave a deserved farewell to a product whose importance goes beyond the brand. A vehicle marked by generations of people that is part of the pantheon of the global automotive industry. The Kombi-Last-Wishes campaign certainly made its mark in the industry’s worldwide PR and marketing standing.

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Marketing is more than just Social Networking

Thanks to the social network boom in recent years, it seems that we have forgotten what a real marketing campaign implies. Some people think that using nothing but social networks, such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, makes them experts in the placement and penetration of a product. These individuals believe that Social Media is comprised only of social networks. This is a big mistake.

A truly successful digital strategy involves many other platforms and concepts associated with a product.

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Social Media is obviously based on social interactions, but it also incorporates web sites, e-mail marketing, social networks, applications as well as anything that involves collaboration, communication and business relationships. If these concepts are understood, then undertaking the task of planning a successful marketing strategy for a product or service will become easier.

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Using conventional media and social networking platforms wisely will ensure a successful digital campaign.

Consider, as an example, the Do us a flavour advertising campaign by Walkers’ media agency  that has been running since the beginning of the year in England, where @walkers_crisps wants to find its next crisp flavour with the help of their customers.

The Tweet to Eat campaign allows the public to interact with a virtual @GaryLineker , who appears to be inside of a vending machine at 3 bus stops in London. People are encouraged by the machine to send a tweet in order to try a sample of the product.

Paying with a tweet is not a new strategy in digital marketing. Perhaps some of you remember the successful campaign Mercedes-Benz Tweet Race, in which gasoline was awarded to competitors who received tweets from fans.

The Do me a Flavour campaign is superior, as it provides a high of level of interaction with the audience, using the latest technology, which is outstanding. Furthermore, the campaign combines the use of social media platforms with traditional media, making this campaign one of the most innovative and comprehensive advertising campaigns of 2014.

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In conclusion, integrating conventional communication channels with digital projects intelligently will ensure effective product placement in both the digital and real worlds.

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